Inside - Grand Siècle Salon Noir

October 7, 2015

Inside brings together a great array of talent to one of Soho's most gorgeous create a brilliant mix of music and spoken word.


A very special evening that will include a visit from Norway. We are excited to announce that Ledfoot aka Tim Scott McConnell is flying in from Oslo to give us a taster of his virtuoso 12 String Guitar Gothic Blues and the songwriting talent that convinced Bruce Springsteen to cover his song High Hopes and take it to no 1 in the US last year.


Smutty aka Stephen Dennis Smith from the Rockets who will talk about his latest book “Smutty The Only Essex Boy in Warhol's Factory”. There will be comedy from the Angry Boater aka  Joel Sanders and further performances by James Browne, story telling from the Film Noire Maestro Andreas Beltzér, and Flamenco guitarist Stephen Andreas Riris.