An evening of Warhol, Gothic Blues and Spoken Word with Attitude - Ledfoot, Smutty, James Browne

May 9, 2016

Ledfoot and Smutty

Stephen Colegrave presents, for 4 nights only:


Ledfoot, Smutty and James Browne - An evening of Warhol, Gothic Blues and Spoken Word with Attitude


There was a time before marketing, social media and branding, when creativity and ideas came from the street and their creators lived on the edge of conventional society…


During the 1970s and early 1980s Downtown New York and London's Soho and Camden Town spawned a counter culture that casts a long shadow on today. A time too often repackaged and seeped in nostalgia, this show brings you three authentic voices that take you right back to the raw essence of what made the period so unique.


In music, art, storytelling and verse, this evening will be a treat for anyone who wishes they had been at Max's Kansas City, or sat in the Roundhouse in 1972, watching Andy Warhol's PORK.


Featuring Leee Black Childers' iconic images; music and stories by legendary singer songwriter Ledfoot, who wrote "High Hopes", the No.1 worldwide hit for Bruce Springsteen; Smutty Smiff, from Levi and the Rockats, a friend of Warhol who was often photographed by Mapplethorpe; accompanied by powerful poetry from James Browne, the Camden Town, ex-minder of Amy Winehouse and the mastermind behind Britain's first helicopter prison escape.


You won't find three more authentic characters on the London stage - their evening will leave you wanting to cancel your social media and grab your guitar, gun, spray can or whatever else takes your fancy…


Salon Grand Siecle Salon Noir - 7pm to 10:30pm

Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May 2016


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